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I'm Frÿd Senior a film maker based in the North West of England. I have been interested in the arts for as long as I can remember. Before I could even walk and talk I was taken to the theatre and cinema and I have been lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by art and creativity.

I enjoy watching independent films at the local arts centres as well as big budget blockbusters. You will often find me in galleries in the North West area or in Scotland touring whisky distilleries and catching shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Fryd Senior

Whilst studying for my degree at LIPA, I have taken the opportunity to study and research different theories of television, film, media and sociology. Many of these theories and ideas have influenced the work that I produce. Having an underpinning knowledge of people who are experts in their field and masters of their crafts helps to improve my own practice.

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The Thinker statue by Auguste Rodin
Market Scene, Northern Town, 1939, L.S. Lowry

I draw inspiration from many areas of art, television, film and theatre which influences my own work. Being a northern based film maker, I am particularly drawn to depicting the traditionally northern working class areas and using these within my work. The grim industrial landscapes of LS Lowry, inspired my collaboration with the northern based writer 'Caleb Pinder', whose book 'Dicky Poggy' was used for my Individual Specialist Project at LIPA.

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A YouGov poll conducted in 2022, found that just over half of participants said that the arts and creative industries were important to the British economy. However, it is clear that the arts are underestimated by the British public in the wealth it actually creates. According to the Arts Council England "Art and culture" contribute "£10.6 billion" to the UK economy (2023), this is a huge industry and often is not taken as seriously as it should.

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Comedy and tragedy masks
Frÿd Senior

The development of Monkey Pump Productions has been a huge undertaking and has so far been successful in creating short projects that will appear under this company name. I am planning to release enhanced versions of these over the next year that which will be released under the brand. By networking with others and gaining contacts I am hoping to build a following that will help turn Monkey Pump into a known northern production company.

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Monkey Pump Productions, monkey in a barrel logo

Monkey Pump is a start-up production company based in Northwest England, that so far has created music videos, animated short films, podcasts, and a record label - debuting in 2022 with its first major release a music video for Hotel Manlet's 'Shop Windows'. Monkey Pump has become the primary creative outlet for my work, encapsulating all parts of the creative industry in which I am passionate about. Monkey Pump was founded by me (Frÿd Senior), a film maker, writer and visual effects artist and musician/recording artist Dylan Senior. The collaboration of these separate disciplines is therefore the production company's primary focus.

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Recent projects
A French Surrealist and German Expressionist inspired music video produced in collabroration with Hotel Manlet.
A German expressionist inspired horror tale of unrequited love. Ballad of the Bellhop sees the protagonist descend into madness in this claustrophobic, arthouse tragedy.

A retro kids TV inspired music video produced in collabroration with Hotel Manlet.
A fun colourful journey through time and space in a baked bean can! The Sunset doubt video takes inspiration from classic 1970s and 1980s children's television shows, such as 'Blue Peter', 'Button Moon', 'Finger Bobs' and 'The Clangers'. It combines stop frame animation with live action and CGI animation.

A dark animation to accompany the gothic horror poem.
A hatred so deep that a condemned man removes the noose from his dead neck to pursue his hangman. Delivered in a deep Northern Irish brogue, Dead Man's Hate is a chilling tale of revenge.

Opening sequence to an imagined TV adaption of the novel.
A horror novel that spans time, geography and the paranormal. How a single kick can lead to fear and misery for generations for a single extended family. Designed in collaboration with the author, Caleb Pinder, this is the opening sequence to a story that deserves its own TV show.