My career ambitions

Fryd Senior, 2002

The development of Monkey Pump Productions has been a huge undertaking and has so far been successful in creating short projects that will appear under this company name. I am planning to release enhanced versions of these over the next year that which will be released under the brand. By networking with others and gaining contacts I am hoping to build a following that will help turn Monkey Pump into a known northern production company. Gaiman (2021) states the following on artists first entering the world of work: "The rules on what is possible and impossible in the arts were made by people who had not tested the bound of the possible by going beyond them. And you can."

Research into funding bodies as well as a business start-up loan or grant will be required to pay for expenses. These will be used to fund a suitable location for a studio, a place to store equipment and transportation. The Prince's Trust has been explored as a possible way to receive a loan to pay for any needed costs. Other possible funding bodies are being looked into to help with the start of Monkey Pump Productions. Film festivals will be used to promote the initial work of the production company, which will take the form of an anthology of animated shorts.

I am currently looking into improving upon the existing God Know's script so that they can be developed from a small one-episode podcast into a full series. This has already begun development and will become the first commercial venture for Monkey Pump Productions. Plans for future episodes include weekly guests as well as bizarre scenarios that the gods will have to go through. I am hoping this will become profitable through the acquisition of sponsorships.

As I build upon my existing knowledge of visual effects and animation I want to enrol into the, "MA Immersive media" course at Liverpool John Moores University. This will allow me to strengthen my current skillset and I will have more opportunities for networking. Obtaining industry experience will help in the process of becoming proficient in this area of expertise and will help in gaining contacts that are already in this profession.

I aim to build a successful career creating title sequences for television series similarly to the company "Elastic" who worked on the opening credits for "Game of Thrones" (2011). So far, I have worked on this type of project for a non-existing television series based on the book "Dicky Poggy" by Caleb Pinder to be used as a proof of concept.