Monkey Pump Productions

Vanilla is boring. Experiment and be bold. Bring to life what others daren't. Be more Dr Frankenstein.
- The Monkey Pump motto.

Monkey Pump is a start-up production company based in Northwest England, that so far has created music videos, animated short films, podcasts, and a record label - debuting in 2022 with its first major release a music video for Hotel Manlet's 'Shop Windows'. Monkey Pump has become the primary creative outlet for my work, encapsulating all parts of the creative industry in which I am passionate about. Monkey Pump was founded by me (Frÿd Senior), a film maker, writer and visual effects artist and musician/recording artist Dylan Senior. The collaboration of these separate disciplines is therefore the production company's primary focus.

Behind the scenes
Thor concept art for God Knows! Podcast promo, 2023
God Knows! Podcast promo artwork, 2023
Recording of the God Knows! Podcast, 2023
Capturing stop-frame animation for Sunset Doubt music video, 2022
Filming the test-card scene in front of green screen for Sunset Doubt music video, 2022
Filming hand-puppetry for Sunset Doubt music video, 2022
Hotel Manlet promo, 2023
Photographing promo campaign for Hotel Manlet in front of green screen, 2023
3D modelling and animating, 2023